The Red Day

The Dawn 10

Thursday, August 10, 2017
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papierowybandyta Monday, August 21, 2017
There is something I don't get... for a militia like organization, the dawn sure ain't much... organized...

If Edward is one of the founders of the Dawn and hunts the monsters for the get-go why he's not sure how to prevent bodies from turning and bases his and other's safety on a rumours? As a military-man and veteran with years of experience, wouldn't his: "you know the drill" would be enough info for the rest of the crew to take action?

Why people seems surprised by Edward's bouts of anger? One would think that if you're with someone for quite some time you learn the person's quirks. So why people just straight up ignoring the new guy, instead of informing him when it's all right to approach the leader.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy your comics, but the dialogues and some panels feel rather disconnected. It feels like an info dump to me rather than organic exchange between people.
Karubario Sunday, August 27, 2017
Hello, sorry for the late response. And you're right about The Dawn, they are not a organized group even though they exist for years they don't have even a place to call home or return to.

It might sound convenient what I am going to say but Edward, never saw a soulless in front of him he only heard stories about them and I am going to tell more of Edward, his exact place in The Dawn and the soulless in the final pages of this chapter. Thats why I said it would sound convenient.

About the disconnect part: you might be right I'will start paying more atention to that and try to make the dialogues fell more organic, I might actually be owing on that.

And thanks for your comment it helps a lot, and I do also like a lot your comics didn't read all yet but they are really what I like to read, I love urban legends and stories based on them.
Sorry again for the delay on answering you and for any english mistakes I might have committed here, I am still learning the language.